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Welcome to Scribble Creatures!

Welcome to the whimsical world of Scribble Creatures (est. 2019), where art gets a little scribbley, whimsical, and twisted! Get ready to dive into a world of uniquely created masterpieces that are full of heart.

Holly (also known as the main Scribs, and Artist behind the madness) is a local to Orlando, Florida, and creates her hand-painted works on a myriad of canvases; most of which she cuts and prepares herself using a mix of different materials. Her bewitching artworks often feature autumnal, Halloween, and fantastical themes, with unique sunset and jewel toned color palettes regardless of the time of year. Her many original creations, including her Pumpkin Puppies, graveyard cats, and pumpkin-headed people, are often the stars of her numerous artworks. You can adopt your very own ‘scribbled creature’ and support this woman owned small business by picking up an art print, statement jewelry piece, enamel pin, or acrylic charm. Their works of art can often be seen in convention halls, local art markets, surrounding galleries, and now, oddities shops across the southeastern US.
Who is the rest of the 'We' of Scribble Creatures?
Why, the babies of course!
Precious children Honey and Hambo have long since been the stars of our proverbial show, as all of the Pumpkin puppies and Long boi cats are based on their real life selves! The newest addition is Goontz, as of July 2023, and he is eagerly leaping into more and more new original pieces created by Holly.
Ancient Herstory:
Previously running art pages like My Little Fandom and Tonksiford Art, she's been all around - conventions, workshops, classes, puppet designing, caricatures, logos, and even painting murals, buildings, and theaters in Orlando, Florida!

Fun and notable supporters of her past artwork so far are Dean Deblois (HTTYD), Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who), Neil Patrick Harris (Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog), and now, YOU!
Thank You for stopping by to read our story, we look forward to bringing you pieces that are strange, unusual, and most of all - scribbley.

Strangely Scribbled,
Holly Villalba-Walker of Scribble Creatures